Loser Boyfriend – Debut EP

It’s been awhile since my last update, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.  I recently finished mixing Loser Boyfriends debut EP, Cleaned Ourselves Up.  You can listen to it on bandcamp: http://loserboyfriend.bandcamp.com/

Loser Boyfriend - Cleaned Ourselves Up

We recorded the drums and guitar live with my Mackie D8B, and overdubbed more guitars, bass, and vocals later. And of course, Nathan’s voice wouldn’t be complete without some re-amping!



and you– (part 1/3) by Shohei Kobayashi

and you--

I recently finished mastering the first installment of Shohei Kobayashi’s latest release and you– (just in time for the new year, too!).  Shohei did all the production and recording himself.  It’s a beautifully concise and heartfelt release.  Give it a listen and keep your ears peeled for parts 2 and 3!


To Find Open Space – Nathan Tucker

To Find Open Space

This summer Nathan Tucker and I spent a few afternoons recording his new 5-song EP To Find Open Space at my studio.  It’s a minimalist songwriting approach with acoustic guitar and vocals relying heavily on the power of the words to carry the songs.  Think Tallest Man on Earth on a rainy Portland day.  Check it out for free here:


Building New Cables

Custom-built cables

Recently, I took some quality time to sit down with about 90 feet of mogami cable, some neutrik gold connectors, and a soldering iron.  The results are pictured above.  When all was said and done (not including a bunch of burns on my finger tips), I created:

2 x 24ft mogami neglex quad core XLR cable with neutrik gold connectors

1 x 10ft mogami instrument cable with neutrik gold connectors

1 x 1ft mogami instrument patch cable with neutrik gold connectors

1 x 1ft mogami stereo balanced patch cable with neutrik gold connectors

I’m super excited to start recording with these awesome cables!  Working with all this mogami and neutrik gear has taught me to appreciate all the craftsmanship they put into their products.

Custom-built cables

Re-Amping Vocals

Re-Amping Vocals

I’ve recently been working with Nathan Tucker on an EP, and we’ve been experimenting with re-amping vocals both live and after that fact with this little beauty (a Fender 65 Princeton Reverb 15 Watt tube amp with a 1×10 speaker). A lot of cool artists have been using this technique recently like Feist and most obviously The Strokes.

White Bear Polar Tundra – In Post-Production

White Bear Polar Tundra’s first album entitled Strikes Back is currently under post-production.  We finished tracking in June.  After finishing all the recordings, we’ve been letting the tracks sit for a bit before diving into mixing them.  I will keep you all updated on the process.  Currently, two songs (Jupiter and Fire Eye) have gone through first drafts, and we still have 7 or so tracks to go.  I’ll post some sound samples soon!