Soundscape City is the home of mixing and recording engineer, Nate Stoll.

Currently based near Nashville, TN to work on a Master’s degree in audio recording, Nate has over 11 years of sound engineering experience live and in-studio (see his recordings for samples). Unafraid to push boundaries and experiment, he has worked with clients of all genres, experience levels, and budgets. Also a professional drummer, Nate has been on the other side of the glass plenty. He knows how to make recording feel comfortable and relaxed, bringing the best out of everyone involved in the process.

Nate operates a professional-grade overdub studio out of his home perfect for mixing and tracking vocals, guitars, bass, strings, percussion, and keys (see his gear list). He is also comfortable working as a freelance engineer at local studios when a project calls for larger-scale production.

Contact Nate for a free consultation to discuss your next project!

thesextet-46photo cred: Daiva Trudeau (truphotos)

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