Nate is a pleasure to work with. He is a talented and people-oriented engineer. He works with you to get your best sound. The quality of the recordings he captures are exceptional and I would recommend him with no hesitation. He has recorded and mixed both my music and a podcast I produce, and has helped me create a great product I am proud to share.

-Rose Gerber, Rose Gerber & Sweet Relief

Nate puts his heart and soul into sound engineering, and you can hear it. He cares deeply about the entire process, starting with carefully selecting the right gear, using his meticulous ears for detail-oriented mixing, and bringing out the best big-picture artistic visions from the performers he works with.

-Patrick Beaulieu-Hardin, New Beau

This album is wonderful and it would not be without your skill, hard work, artistry and dedication. Thank you so much!

-Dave Kelsay, Cloud Six

Working with Nate was fantastic — his flexibility, patience, and professionalism made recording with him an awesome experience! In every session, I could trust that he was really listening, and his calm presence in the studio made everything easier. Highly recommend if you’re looking for someone with a great ear, an unfazeable sense of humor, and the know-how to help you sound your best, whatever that may sound like.

-Devan Wardrop-Saxton

Nate has some of the most excellent studio etiquette I have seen, paired with a very high level of competency with standard studio equipment. You would not be disappointed to hire Nate to make your music project a tangible reality.

Eric Broestl, Owner and Engineer at East Side Recording

Nate is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, open to ideas, and most importantly, THOROUGH. While recording our album, he took the time to understand my vocal style and ability, and worked with me to bring the best stuff out. Couldn’t be happier with the finished product. SO CRISP!

-Simon Hudes, Almost Rock

Working with Nate was a bandleader’s dream. In the studio, Nate was extremely well versed with the equipment despite not having worked there previously. He didn’t overstep boundaries with comments and what he did input was spot on. During post- production Nate was extremely responsive which was ideal since we were on such a time crunch. Perhaps most impressive was his ability to learn jazz producing and mixing on the fly. I think I’ll be using Nate for years to come.

-Robert Castillo, The Sextet