Through Soundscape City, Nate Stoll is available as an affordable freelance:

  • sound engineer – to record and/or produce your next project
  • live/studio musician – to play at your next gig or session
  • music teacher – for drums, trombone or general music theory

With over a decade of combined experience in performing (percussion, drum set, and trombone in many genres), recording (live/studio), and teaching (drum set, trombone, general music theory), Nate is both qualified and excited to work with you on your next musical adventure!

Example services rendered may include –

  • Recording drums for your next project: No need to leave your home, just send me your project electronically.  We’ll talk about what you want, and you’ll receive the drum tracks in high fidelity at a later date.
  • Recording your band or project: I have a home studio equipped with professional-grade gear ready for tracking at a very affordable rate (see Gear section for more info).
  • Filling in at your next gig: Did your trombone player come down sick?  Unhappy with your current drummer?  Need a percussionist?  Let me know what you’re looking for ahead of time and I can fill the gap.
  • Teaching you or your children music: With professional experience as a drum, percussion, and general theory music teacher at Ethos Music Center in North Portland, your lessons will be catered to your personal needs in a fun and engaging manner.  I also do beginner lessons on guitar, piano, and songwriting.
  • Composing music and sound for your movie or theatrical production: So you have the visual skills, but when it comes to sound and music you’re totally lost.  No problem!  I’m available upon commission for sound design and music composing in any setting.
  • Teaching you how to record: You’re newer to recording and have some gear, but getting good results and sound quality has alluded you.  Let me know and I’d be happy to come to your space and give private lessons on sound engineering.

To contact Nate about a potential project or to schedule a lesson:

email –

phone – (206) 949-0528